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Death Cafe Dublin

Hosted by Shane Devane

Death Café is where people meet to drink tea, eat cake (or whatever they fancy) and discuss death. Since the first Death Café was held, there have been thousands of Death Cafés held all over the world. Our hope is that, by increasing our awareness of our death, we will make the most of our lives. Death Café offers space for an open, respectful, confidential, facilitated conversation where people can express their views safely. Death Café is neither grief support and counselling nor an information session. There is no agenda and the topics for discussion are determined by those who come along. There is no intention to lead anyone to a specific conclusion, product or course of action. There are no hierarchies. We meet simply as people who are all going to die. There is no charge other than for the food or drink you order. Please RSVP if you are coming. For more information see Death Cafe's Facebook page. If you are interested in discussing death and dying, join our active Death Cafe discussion group on Facebook.